Monday, September 26, 2011

Yokosuka Roukin Attraction Show

This is the event that we are  preparing for the hula event in Halau. My students can practice their knowledge in dancing and also improved their dancing talent and give them opportunity to make their memorization stronger in dancing. Sometime if you do not practice the dance you forgot the lyrics of the music at the same time the dance figure and the music...because you are becoming confused in the new music.
This was really fun. After the show we can have a chance to be the part of the guest can have chance to watch the other performer while we are served in foods and drinks.
This the attraction which is dedicated to all who are the member of this small bank as depositors and  retires in their job and still the member.
Mostly are all 60's. And usually with females too.
There are plenty of performers too like Japanese Dance and singer and Okinawa Performer.
You can see in the picture how we love Hula dancing and sharing it to the watchers with aloha!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Odakyu Last Summer Show

This was taken at the Back stage of our show last August 21 2011 at Odakyu Deptartment Store at Fujisawa. The Shinjuku Groups, Fujisawa Group, Shichirigahama Group me and Alakai Group performed happy and having a nice time with all the watchers. Aloha has been spreading to all the people who watched us. 
This is my Shinjuku 'Oli'oli Group who is now having a good time in their New dances. They performed KIPUKAI/ Lorna Lim and they really enjoyed their new style steps and costumes and all the accessories.
My Shinjuku Wahine Group who like to challenged they ability and talent in short time lesson. They performed well and nice. New dance for them KISS ME LOVE/ KA PUA U'I
My Alakai Makua. We are really having a hard time to make them smile in the lesson but strong and good in actual time. They Dance NAWILIWILI.
My 'Oli'oli Group they are performing nicely every time they are on stage. Smile sweetly on their cute Cowboy style dance. ULUPALAKUA
My Shinjuku Wahine Group they are lovely and really can see that they are having fun. Willing to dance in their best.
The last one is my guest and new student at Shinjuku 'Oli'oli who share her Aloha spirit while we are all on stage.