Sunday, August 21, 2011

Show at Fujisawa Shimin Kaikan

Last August 21st was the ) anniversary of Fujisawa Pua Studio. I am using this for 2 time a week Tuesday and Thursday night lesson and sometime Sunday. I declined the show last time when I was in the Philippine but they asked me for my 2 solo dance number only to dance in their house band. Hasegawa San Group.
Me and my Alakai plus Ayu San helped me in one mele and my solo was Lei Ho'oheno.
I had a good time dancing even though the band is too old to sing for the actual time they made a mistakes....
Anyway that's experience for me and for my students and Alakai...
The best thing is our nice time sharing our Aloha and expressing our dance.

 Ogawa Sensei teaching Hau'oli at Odawara and Atami.
 Akimoto Sensei Teaching at Inamuragasaki  and Saitama.
 Akimoto Sensei's Student who watch us.
And with Ayu San and Ogawa Sensei.